Better Design…Better Filter

Revised Big E Maxx Color (2)

Upgrade For Large Cubical Boxes

Dry Separation Paint Overspray Filter

Unlike the OEM baffle design, Big-E-Maxx is a dry separation MEDIA style filter. Big-E-Maxx is assembled with three larger, deeper PaintMaxx filter boxes contained within an outer shell. Our filter media accumulator pack is layered. The air entering layer is our same exclusive paint arrestor media. The air exiting layer is a MERV rated media for finer particulate capture. With 116.5 square feet of layered media formed into our more aerodynamic, wider, deeper pocket configuration, a much lower initial DP is achieved. Paint holding capacity is maximized and longer service life is provided.


  • Available fully assembled – 39 Big-E-Maxx per 53’ trailer
  • Available partially assembled
  • Optional 24″x27″ TP Overspray Filter Mats for extended life of final pocket filters 

       (See TP Paint Overspray Mats)