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TP Overspray Filter Mats

Final Overspray Filter Mats for Dry Separation Filter Boxes

TP Overspray Filter Mats provide a superior upgrade to glass fiber mats. Our TP Overspray Filter Mats are 100% polyester, layered in three progressive stages forming two full inches of depth. Efficiency and paint holding capacity are superior when compared against other paint overspray media types.


  • Exclusive three stage polyester filter media
  • Superior efficiency: 99.91%
  • Superior total paint capture: 5,841.8 grams, 12.88 lbs
  • Friendlier to handle and install than fiberglass media
  • Available in perforated rolls – use like paper towels

Superior Efficiency 99.91%

Low Initial DP

Superior Paint-Holding Capacity

Total Paint Capture 5,841.8

Blue Haven Technologies Test Number: 21-023-1
January 13th, 2021