Better Design…Better Filter

PaintMaxx LLC, Offers a Complete Line of Superior
Dry Separation Paint Overspray Filter Boxes

PaintMaxx, LLC was founded in late 2019. After seeing deficiencies in the existing dry separation filter boxes, and after not finding an acceptable competitive product line, we decided to build our own box. We knew our exclusive polyester filter media performed better than most grades of the slit/expanded paper medias. Our first PaintMaxx OFB prototype exceeded expectations. Better Design…Better Filter. Extensive head-to-head testing followed over several months at two facilities. PaintMaxx OFB, as well as our PaintMaxx TP Overspray Filter Mats, proved to be superior.

Our PaintMaxx, LLC Product Line now includes PaintMaxx OFB, Big-E-Maxx, Mini PaintMaxx, PaintMaxx H, header style, and our TP Overspray Filter Mats. All PaintMaxx, LLC products are fabricated using our specially designed thermal dielectric machines with variable indexed spacing. This allows our internally supported accumulator pockets to be aerodynamically formed with large air leaving sides. Paint overspray initially collects at the back, then throughout each pocket, maximizing paint holding capacity and extending filter life. All PaintMaxx, LLC products offer lower initial DP when compared to competitive brands.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to sharing our expertise.                                              Please visit our contact page.