Better Design…Better Filter

PaintMaxx Dry Separation Paint Overspray Filter Box

Upgrade from 500 series media or baffle style filter boxes

PaintMaxx OFB, our original product, is designed for maximum performance. Our exclusive polyester filter media accumulator pack is fabricated into three pockets, each with a more aerodynamic front and a wider, more exposed, air leaving side. Paint overspray loads from the back of each pocket, maximizing paint holding capacity and extending service life.


  • Unique heavy, rigid, aerodynamic design
  • Internally supported box and accumulator pack will not sag when filled with wet overspray
  • Completely incinerable – no metal parts
  • More filter media than competitive brands
  • Much lower initial DP, considerably less restrictive media support
  • Available completely assembled – or simple, quick, one-person assembly on-site¬†

Top: Competitive Brand 13.64 sq. ft.

Bottom: PaintMaxx Accumulator Pack 17.22 sq. ft.